At the Battle Creek YMCA's Multi-Sports Complex

Games from February 22 - March 25, 2020



November 2019

Dear Volleyball Players and Parents,

The Wattles Park Men's Club will conduct their 22nd Annual Youth Volleyball Program during February and March for 3rd  through 8th Graders in the Greater Battle Creek Area.   Last year 160 girls and participated on 14 teams. Enthusiasm and Skill Development progressed weekly throughout the 8 weeks of practices and games. This year we expect greater numbers as the program enters its 22nd season.  The Volleyball Program will be under the direction of Erin Gandy.  Erin has played, coached extensively in the Battle Creek area, and served as our Director since 2008.

We will have a League for 3rd/4th Graders, a League for 5th/6th Graders and a League for 7th/8th Graders. 

Games will be played at the Multi-Sports Complex of the Battle Creek YMCA.  This is the same site that we use for our floor hockey, indoor soccer and basketball programs.  Games will run on Saturdays from February 22 through March 21, and then another game on either March 23, 24 or 25 (which allows for Spring Break).  Practices will begin week of February 10.

Teams will be made up of 12 players and every participant will play at least one-half of each match.

Three volleyball courts at the Multi-Sports Complex will be utilized, with nets set at appropriate heights for each group.

We look forward to many adults being able to come "out of the volleyball woodwork" and lend their support to this program, whether it be as a coach, assistant , concession worker or coordinator during the games. The WPMC is a volunteer organization providing youth sports (baseball, softball, T-Ball, indoor baseball, Fall, Spring and indoor soccer, floor hockey, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball) to over 4,000 boys and girls. It is the largest youth recreation program in the state of Michigan. Our philosophy is one of participation with all players playing a minimum of one-half of each game. While we keep score in our games, no standings are kept, nor are there trophies or medals awarded.

The participation fee is $55 for each player.

If you have any questions on the program or would like to volunteer your time, please email Gary Lincoln at wpmc49@aol.com or call 979-4336.

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